Chris Carratello

Financial Advisor
(859) 581-1100

A member of the financial services industry since 2012, I continue to provide holistic financial assessments and financial strategies for family, friends, clients and small businesses throughout the Cincinnati area and beyond.

The driving force behind my business strategy is to have a positive impact on my clients’ financial futures. I utilize my experience and creativity to offer personalized service with a long-term approach and fresh thinking to help my clients:

  • Save and invest for retirement, education and other life events
  • Create retirement income strategies 
  • Protect the ones they love
  • Establish their legacy

As a transition specialist with Merrill Lynch I became acutely aware of the dangers of poor, little or no financial strategizing. I assisted families suffering the recent loss of a loved one with moving the assets of the deceased to the correct parties (beneficiaries, estates, trusts, etc.), and advising those parties on those transitional assets.

I would often see people left unclear or unaware of the financial repercussions of a loved one or business partner passing away. They would often be forced, in a state of distress, to deal with potentially complex and costly decision-making scenarios, in addition to planning funerals and final arrangements.

These experiences have left me sensitive to the needs of others. Also, my past experiences have strengthened my desire to help others by providing an opportunity to better position their financial future.

When not in the office, my time is spent with my three children and my bulldog Sir. Fig Newton. After 30 years of playing music, I still play almost daily continuing to sharpen my skills on the guitar. Currently a four-stripe white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, next goal is to obtain my blue belt. I look forward to many years of challenging myself physical and mentally with this combat sport.

Securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor.  Member FINRA/SIPC.